Satisfy customers with replenished inventory and refined demos.

Reduce the number of out-of-stocks, track demo performance, and optimize retail execution with streamlined reporting.

Drive sell-through by monitoring in-store execution and quantifying marketing efforts.

In the competitive world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, monitoring restocking, promotions, and marketing efforts is critical to increase sales volume.

You can use GoSpotCheck to capture relevant data points surrounding demos, shelf presence, and merchandising for trusted relationships with your retail partners.

What GoSpotCheck enables an organization to do is spend less time on collecting information about how they’re executing, and spend more time thinking about how you drive the business. Jim Holland, Director of Sales Capability Watch the Video »

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GoSpotCheck’s powerful features help you effectively monitor execution to drive accountability and sales.

Content Distribution

Your team can easily, quickly, and cleanly share content, including planograms, store notes, and other information. GoSpotCheck generates a shareable link, browser window, or emailed PDF to help you distribute recent activity and audit responses.

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Photo Album

With Photo Album you can see all your captured photos in one place. Organize your pictures by using filterable analytics—such as date, location, product, and other tagged criteria—overlaid on top of each image.

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Custom Tables

Custom Tables enable you to aggregate large data sets from multiple audits. You can apply logic to understand out-of-stocks, demo performance, and more. Then, review your collected data at a regional level, market level, or drill down to a specific location.

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Use Cases

GoSpotCheck helps share comprehensive reporting from any number of locations, including information surrounding:

Product Demos

You can track all important components of demo performance—including the number of customers in attendance and amount of product sold—to optimize execution.

Reducing Out-of-Stocks

Easily monitoring your inventory on the shelf and in the backroom empowers you to decrease out of stocks and grow sales volume.

Store Audits

Collect structured data to ensure your brand is displayed correctly during promotions, holidays, and any other time of year.

3.1 How many people did you interact with? equalizer
  • Sum 580
  • Average 16.2
  • Low 2
  • High 30
3.2 Did you sell any of Product A? thumbs_up_down
3.3 Why is the product out of stock? view_list Choose all that apply.
  • A Order Quality 27.30%
  • B Insufficient Shelf Capacity 54.47%
  • C Higher-Than-Forecasted Demand 8.18%
  • D Other 10.05%
3.4 Take a photo of the display photo_camera For added context, please be sure to capture nearby shelf and aisle space in your photos.

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