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GoSpotCheck is used by top facilities management corporations to complete preventative maintenance and safety checks, improve customer retention, and identify operational inefficiencies.

Get Instant Visibility into Property Portfolios

Streamline visibility and drive engagement with a centralized dashboard of operational activities. Aggregated real-time reporting helps verify compliance with Statements of Work and extend the life cycle of capital expenditures.

What GoSpotCheck enables an organization to do is spend less time on collecting information about how they’re executing and spending more time thinking about how you drive the business. Jim Holland, Director of Sales Capability

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Plan and Distribute Tasks

Design surveys, audits, and inspections in GoSpotCheck’s intuitive form builder. Distribute tasks to the right people for visibility into asset conditions, property management, and project progress.

Get Instant Alerts

Create alerts to follow a task response that matches filter criteria, including a fault in equipment checks. Initiate corrective action with custom alerts to immediately resolve issues.

Slice and Dice Execution Results

Monitor key initiatives, identify trends, and track productivity with customizable data sets. Filter reporting to understand performance by site, asset, or area type.

Sync With Your CRM and Other Systems

Integrate GoSpotCheck with existing systems, including third-party data sources, CRMs, and more. Use deep linking, a flexible API, and SSO to completely control the flow of critical data.

Use Cases

Share comprehensive reporting from any number of site locations to monitor vendor compliance, track asset conditions, and improve visibility into project status.

Vendor Management

Ensure efficient facilities maintenance and verify compliance with vendor contracts.

Asset Inventory Reporting

Speed up equipment checks and maintenance tasks with a central repository of asset information.

Multi-Location Project Management

Quickly understand multi-location project statuses to monitor timelines, budgets, and quality standards.

5.1 Inspection Scores by Vendor view_list
  • A Vendor #1 24.14%
  • B Vendor #2 56.90%
  • C Vendor #3 15.52%
  • D Vendor #4 3.45%
5.2 What are the most prevalent issues across vendors? view_list
  • A Out of paper goods 55.77%
  • B Streaks or stains 11.54%
  • C Odor 25.00%
  • D Trash more than 80% full 7.70%
5.3 Take a photo of the office chairs photo_camera
5.4 Take a photo of the entryway photo_camera
5.5 Was progress made on the new lighting? thumbs_up_down
5.6 What follow-up action was taken? format_quote
  • GC to order 10 more fixtures. Mike Jones

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