Improve visibility and prevent costly churn with GoSpotCheck.

Execute, measure, and analyze operational compliance like never before.

Service level performance data tailored to your needs—displayed in a way that makes sense.

Improve retention, increase business, and identify operational inefficiencies with visual proof of performance via photos, charts, and graphs.

Our mobile application can help the people on site quickly complete preventative maintenance checks, janitorial inspections, safety audits, and more.


GoSpotCheck’s powerful features help convey customer issues, manage inventory levels, and identify training deficiencies.

Photo Album

With Photo Album you can see all your captured photos in one place. Organize your pictures by using filterable analytics—such as date, site, building, area type, and other tagged criteria—overlaid on top of each image.

Alerts & Follow Ups

Alerts inform you of important filter criteria like a failed inspection response. Follow-up actions notify you when additional effort must be taken to resolve an issue at a site or other location.


You can boost customer retention with customizable charts and graphs—accessible from anywhere. Advanced filters break down your reported data by customer, building, area type, and more.

Use Cases

GoSpotCheck helps share comprehensive reporting from any number of site locations, including information surrounding:

Janitorial Inspections

Increase user engagement with quick inspections that provide real-time, informative data.

Preventative Maintenance

Use GoSpotCheck to ensure proper maintenance of capital equipment in order to reduce costly, unplanned maintenance issues.

Identify Training Deficiencies

Effectively evaluate inspection failures to confidently understand employee performance and facilitate important discussions to modify your training.

5.1 Is the cleanliness level to contract standard? thumbs_up_down
5.2 What are the most common deficiencies? view_list
  • A Streaks 24.14%
  • B Stains 56.90%
  • C Odor 15.52%
  • D Non-operational 3.45%
5.3 Are gauges clean, functional, and marked for service range? thumbs_up_down
5.4 What safety issues are present? view_list
  • A Debris 55.77%
  • B Unneeded storage 11.54%
  • C Trash 25.00%
  • D Other 7.70%
5.5 Are you observing the work of a specific employee? view_list
  • A Yes - Internal 50.52%
  • B Yes - External 35.64%
  • C No 13.84%
5.6 Select the employee name playlist_add_check Please only select one employee per mission response.
  1. Ross Johnston 36
  2. Jenny O'Leary 24
  3. Jake Holcomb 18
  4. Assan Rennaux 16
  5. Carol Kane 14
  6. Davis Donaldson 9
  7. Malcolm Harrison 8
  8. Benjamin Ng 8
  9. Michael Laurent 7
  10. Susan Carraway 5

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