Drive sell-through with perfected retail execution.

GoSpotCheck enables your team to maximize time building relationships by minimizing time filling out retail audits.

Streamline your product launches, measure team accountability, and enable sell-in.

GoSpotCheck empowers innovative industry leaders to gather real-time field data from independent rep agencies and in-house commercial teams.

Improve product rollouts, boost attainment, and collect competitive intel to further establish your brand and grow business.

We use GoSpotCheck as a photo repository for all locations. If we need to see what a specific floor looks like, then we have that information available. With our previous system, there was no way we could house that many photos. Christine Nyman-Maffei, Sr. Operations Manager, MC Organization Download Case Study »

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GoSpotCheck’s powerful features help you effectively monitor retail execution to drive growth and sales.

Content Distribution

Your team can easily, quickly, and cleanly share content, including planograms, store notes, and other information. GoSpotCheck generates a shareable link, browser window, or emailed PDF to help you distribute recent activity and audit responses.

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Photo Album

With Photo Album, you can see all of your captured photos in one place. Organize your pictures by using filterable analytics—such as date, location, product, and other tagged criteria—overlaid on top of each image.

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Alerts & Follow Ups

Alerts inform you when an audit response matches important filter criteria. Follow-up actions notify you when additional effort must be taken to resolve an issue in the field.

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Use Cases

GoSpotCheck helps share comprehensive reporting from any number of site locations, including information surrounding:

Store Audits

GoSpotCheck’s simple mobile interface makes in-store data collection quick, easy, and actionable. You can share thousands of data points regarding stock-outs, attainment, and shelf space in real time.

Product Rollouts

Use GoSpotCheck to optimize your product rollouts during any holiday, season, or other time of year. A combination of pictures and real-time data helps track your clinics, demos, and display compliance.

Competitive Intel

Empower your field team with GoSpotCheck to easily collect competitive intelligence in the form of high-quality, actionable data. GoSpotCheck serves as a centralized place for information, so that your company has complete knowledge of the market.

2.1 Why is the product out of stock? view_list Choose all that apply.
  • A Order Quality 66.52%
  • B Insufficient Shelf Capacity 17.41%
  • C Higher-Than-Forecasted Demand 8.93%
  • D Other 7.14%
2.2 Take a photo of the product photo_camera For added context, please be sure to capture nearby shelf and aisle space in your photos.
2.3 Photograph the competition. photo_camera
2.4 Why are competitors excelling? format_quote
  • Facings are more visible, prices are generally lower. Charlie Hamilton
  • Product endcap has superior visibility. Tony Fontaine
  • Pricing. Competitor brands are undercutting us by 10-15%. Frank Kennedy
  • Packaging seems more visible. Endcap placement helps visibility, and pricing is lower. Melanie Wilkes

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