Create and Execute a Winning Retail Strategy

GoSpotCheck is leveraged by top brands and their service partners to improve display execution, reduce out-of-stocks, and verify correct pricing.

Monitor In-Store Execution to Drive Sell-Through

Poor merchandising, product voids, and missing promotions have dire consequences. Ensuring flawless in-store execution is critical in the ever-evolving world of brick-and-mortar.

What GoSpotCheck enables an organization to do is spend less time on collecting information about how they’re executing, and spend more time thinking about how you drive the business. Jim Holland, Director of Sales Capability

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Plan and Distribute Tasks to the Field

Design surveys and audits in GoSpotCheck’s intuitive form builder. Distribute tasks to the right people for visibility into display setup, shelf share, and current promotions.

Get Instant Alerts

Create alerts to follow a task response that matches filter criteria, including demo execution and competitor behavior. Initiate corrective action with custom alerts to immediately resolve issues in the field.

Slice and Dice Execution Results

Monitor key initiatives, identify trends, and track productivity with customizable data sets. Filter reporting to understand performance by region, banner, or team.

Sync With Your CRM and Other Systems

Integrate GoSpotCheck with existing systems, including third-party data sources, CRMs, and more. Use deep linking, a flexible API, and SSO to completely control the flow of critical data.

Use Cases

Share comprehensive reporting from any number of site locations including information surrounding:

Retail Audits & Merchandising

In-store data collection is quick and easy with an interface designed for speed. Share any number of data points with stakeholders regarding facings, voids, out-of-stocks, and cut-ins.

Product Rollouts

Optimize product rollouts during any holiday, season, or other time of year. A combination of pictures and real-time data tracks clinics, demos, and display compliance.

Competitive Intel

Easily collect competitive intelligence through custom surveys. Leverage APIs to seamlessly pull in scan data from third-party systems. GoSpotCheck serves as a centralized place for information to provide complete knowledge of the market.

2.1 Why is the product out of stock? view_list Choose all that apply.
  • A Order Quality 66.52%
  • B Insufficient Shelf Capacity 17.41%
  • C Higher-Than-Forecasted Demand 8.93%
  • D Other 7.14%
2.2 Take a photo of the product photo_camera For added context, please be sure to capture nearby shelf and aisle space in your photos.
2.3 Photograph the competition. photo_camera
2.4 Why are competitors excelling? format_quote
  • Facings are more visible, prices are generally lower. Charlie Hamilton
  • Product endcap has superior visibility. Tony Fontaine
  • Pricing. Competitor brands are undercutting us by 10-15%. Frank Kennedy
  • Packaging seems more visible. Endcap placement helps visibility, and pricing is lower. Melanie Wilkes

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