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GoSpotCheck is used by top beer, wine, and spirits suppliers and distributors to track shelf share, pricing, menu placements, displays, and more.

Optimize Execution and Drive Positive Selling Behavior

Replace disorganized in-market survey data and manual recaps with mobile data entry and real-time reporting. Filter data by region, channel, team, or other criteria to spot gaps and identify opportunities in the market.

To be able to portray how we’re doing in the marketplace in real time didn’t exist before GoSpotCheck. I don’t want to oversimplify it, but it is one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made. Perry Brown, Vice President Read the Case Study »

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Capture and Share Photos

Capture live photos in the field, and sort them to identify examples of perfect in-market activities. Share photo albums directly with your team and partners for organization-wide visibility. Examine incentive program attainment by applying custom filters to photos.


Send specific tasks to accounts at desired locations. Monitor execution at those locations through geotags on completed tasks and collected photos.

Account Segmentation

Distribute surveys based on account type with detailed account segmentation. Filter nearby accounts based on segmentation criteria to prioritize the most important visits.

Permission-Based Reporting

Find a balance between visibility and security with custom permissions. Drive engagement by sharing attainment data, program performance, and other data sets with specific people and teams.

Use Cases

Provide autonomy to capture and report on critical revenue-generating activities. Share comprehensive reporting from both on- and off-premise locations to monitor execution, track competition, and incentivize program payouts.

Monitor Execution

Organizations can’t expect what they don’t inspect. Measure and verify program execution with photos from the field.

Report Competitor Behavior

Collect competitive intelligence like data surrounding pricing and the display universe.

Incentive Program Payouts

Capitalize on the industry’s competitive nature by providing real-time visibility into progress towards incentive goals.

1.1 Count the number of facings equalizer Count partial cases as full cases.
  • Sum 5660
  • Average 17.7
  • Low 2
  • High 26
1.2 Take a photo of the product in the cold box photo_camera Capture the entire cold box.
1.3 What is the every day price of KJ Chard? description
  • Average $15.52
  • Low $12.30
  • High $17.70
1.4 Percentage of display by region view_list Choose all that apply.
  • A Central 66.52%
  • B East 17.41%
  • C Downtown 8.93%
  • D Outlying 7.14%
My Dashboard is available in the mobile application for all field users. photo_camera

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