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See how IHOP can leverage GoSpotCheck to monitor employee trainings, optimize equipment audits, and track store-level compliance.

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How IHOP Can Use GoSpotCheck

GoSpotCheck can help IHOP's store managers report on employee trainings, complete audits for equipment & cleanliness, improve marketing collateral execution, and optimize menu resets. See below for some actual examples of how your data would appear in our app.

Employee Training

Using GoSpotCheck, you can easily identify training deficiencies to find areas that need improvement, confidently understand employee performance, and facilitate important discussions to modify company training.

QA & QC Audits

Capture photos and data with GoSpotCheck to verify product consistency and monitor variations. By analyzing collected data, you can confirm that all locations operate cohesively and increase consumer satisfaction.

Restaurant Compliance

Ensure all your restaurants’ components, including the dining room and kitchen, are up to corporate standards using GoSpotCheck’s mobile app. You can aggregate reports to bring information from your restaurant to the home office in seconds.

3.1 Are the Restaurant Managers trained on the new HR policy? Have manager watch video here.
3.2 Additional comments format_quote
  • Restaurant Manager Alex was well-versed on the new policies and had a few ideas for future improvements. Felicity Jones
  • Associate Restaurant Manager had not reviewed the new material. Felicity Jones
3.3 Select all non-authorized pieces of kitchen equipment. view_list
  • A Oven 27.67%
  • B Microwave 34.91%
  • C Grill 17.61%
  • D Fryer 19.81%
3.4 Take a photo of the fryer equipment. photo_camera
3.5 General feedback from store visit today? format_quote
  • Mother's Day marketing materials were not visible when you walk in this store. Alex Matteson
  • The promotional poster in the window was halfway falling down. Elise Vischi
3.6 Does the menu list the daily special? format_quote

Features That Can Benefit IHOP

GoSpotCheck’s powerful features can help you effectively monitor store operations and compliance to drive accountability and sales.

Unlimited Mobile Data Collection

Unlimited surveys and audits to track anything from brand standards to marketing execution and employee trainings.

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Photo Capture and Analytics

Get a glimpse into the market. Capture photos to provide powerful context.

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Develop a 30,000-foot view of your business with streamlined charts & graphs.

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Customer Success Stories

Using GoSpotCheck, this top 5 Fast-Casual restaurant effectively audited a new menu item, examined quality assurance, and gathered actionable insights for better business decisions.

Field reps were able to reduce the time that it took for them to collect data at restaurant locations by 75%, while management was able to reduce the time to aggregate and understand this field data by 97%.

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