The world’s most popular whiskey is not Jim Beam or Johnnie Walker – it’s Officer’s Choice.

In 2014, Officer’s Choice sold 28.4 million cases of whiskey. For context, that’s enough to fill over 100 Olympic-size swimming pools. Also in 2014, Johnnie Walker sold 17.9 million cases, and Smirnoff vodka sold 25.6 million cases. Interestingly, the popularity of Officer’s Choice is almost entirely dependent on one country. Officer’s Choice accounts for 15% of the total whiskey market in India, and that market is huge.

Officer’s Choice was launched in 1988 by BDA Breweries and Distilleries (now Allied Blenders and Distillers). The whiskey brand is in over 18 countries and over the year of 2015, Officer’s Choice sold 25.7 million cases.

The importance of this brand lies not in the name or understanding the breadth of India’s whiskey-drinkers – but an acknowledgement that international markets hold demographics, if marketed to well, that can be responsible for the rise and stabilization of an entire product.

There are ways to compete with the world’s biggest brands, largely by ensuring strategy is crafted and carried out according to plan.

On-premise locations, like bars and restaurants, are selective about price optimization, product selection, and POS. Generally, the best-selling brands will be prevalent, but unique liquors, beers and smaller craft options have plenty of potential to shine. Similarly, at off-premise locations, like ABC stores and local liquor stores, displays, case counts, and shelf share must be documented and honed. Mobile data collection can enable suppliers and distributors alike to better understand current trends, customer behavior, and more.

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