The IT field is one of the most robust job markets in today’s economy.

People from diverse backgrounds are eager to join the booming tech industry. Software engineers are in particularly high demand – which is no surprise, since these are the people who invent everyday technologies and transform them into a format that users can navigate and understand. People are continuing to step away from their former roles as graphic artists, writers, financial execs and more in order to get into this field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 30 percent job growth for developers in the next 10 years! So what are the factors behind this rise in demand for coders?

Why the Demand?

The increasing demand for software engineers comes as more companies build new products and develop internal systems to keep up with general tech advancements. Companies also have to address the need for additional security with the increased use of the cloud for key software deployments. As a result, companies of all sizes are having to outsource or hire more software engineers to meet the demand.

The Booming IT Industry

To keep up with the need for developers, there has been a general increase in IT professionals, particularly coders, who work in-house. This marks a change from previous models that relied on outsourced specialists or companies for-hire. The presence of an in-house team means that technical issues can be dealt with quickly by expertise – ultimately minimizing revenue loss. An in-house IT staff also helps an organization stay on top of new tech developments and evolve with trends as they are happening.

Most Desirable Job?

The growing need for coding isn’t the only factor driving the influx of developers into the industry. Many people are choosing to make the switch because coding is consistently ranked as one of the best jobs to have in today’s economy, and the median salary is $92,660, according to the Labor Department. A good job in coding can be the perfect on-ramp to reach even higher salaries once you have gained experience and developed a solid track record.

Growth of Coding Schools

In order to venture into the field of software development, it’s necessary to understand CS fundamentals like common algorithms, standard languages, big O notation and more. Many prospective coders turn to the growing number of coding schools and boot camps that offer a crash course in software engineering. General Assembly, one of the most popular, operates over 80 schools across the country. Turing and G-School in Denver have also seen a rise in applicants over the past few years as well. Coding schools usually look for a diverse array of students with different backgrounds, and computer science degree are not required.

At GoSpotCheck, we have a team of developers, engineers and product managers that are part of our staff. They are ready to facilitate app development, fix bugs and answer customer requests. Having coders and developers in-house helps us to ensure reliability and accountability and stay on top of customer demands.

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