Field Days was held in early October at the historic Brown Palace Hotel in Denver and included over 100 of our best in field customers.

Field Days 2017 was GoSpotCheck’s second annual customer conference. Thanks to those of you who were able to attend for making our meeting robust, successful, and fun. For those who couldn’t be here, we missed you and hope you come next year! Over the course of two full days of sessions, GoSpotCheck customers from a variety of industries networked, learned product tips and tricks, and were treated to a sneak peak about what’s next for GoSpotCheck.

Highlights from 2017 included product announcements for a brand new product (details coming soon!), easy-to-set-up custom reports to track your team’s goals and objectives, and a sneak peak into what dashboard reporting 2.0 might look like in the future. We dug into how to build a better mission and then how to use the collected data. Social networking events included happy hours, a dinner party at our new office, and a hockey game!

Some of the biggest takeaways from 2017 included the importance of actionable data — asking questions that can lead you to take direct action within your organization. Many customers returned to their offices to refresh their Missions with concise and applicable tasks. Likewise, our customers realized the importance of setting goals and communicating them to their team through tools in GoSpotCheck like MyDashboard or custom reports. Attendees loved being able to network and many came away with new professional networking groups that they’ll regularly discuss best practices with.

Overall, we had a blast meeting you all and look forward to applying this year’s feedback to make Field Days 2018 even more relevant for each of our wonderful customers!

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