ShipCompliant’s 11th annual DIRECT conference will take place June 23-24 in San Francisco.

Over the two-day event, highly respected keynote speakers will touch on a variety of topics relevant to the beverage alcohol industry.

GoSpotCheck CEO, Matt Talbot, and Brand Director, Dan Kasper, will be at Ship Compliant to discuss the benefits of real-time data collection and field intelligence.

Matt Talbot will be speaking on the morning of June 24. His talk, titled “How Distributors Can Provide Real Insight to Their Retailers and Suppliers and Why It Matters,” is at 10:30 a.m.

The description of Matt’s talk is as follows:

There has never been an issue around businesses not having enough data. The issue has always been separating the value from the noise. The two inherent problems with external data is the format or source, and the distrust managers have for any data collected outside of the company. Because administrators are never really sure where their data comes from, when it was collected and who collected it, they’ve consistently disregarded potentially critical field intel. But wineries, distributors and retailers can’t afford to miss out on this insight. When you’re a building business, every move counts, which means the information collected in the field is critical. In this session Matt Talbot will talk about how the data collected from marketing displays, POS systems, advertising and campaigns can be computed and analyzed to change the way brewers market their product to drive more overall sales.

Please email Dan at if you have any questions about the GoSpotCheck product or would like to meet us in person.

We’re excited to see everyone!

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