We had a great time attending the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America Convention.

Our logo was prominently featured on lanyards and other collateral throughout the show. As a whole, GoSpotCheck team members had over 30 meetings with various customers and prospects—and enjoyed speaking with everyone! We also loved sampling new wine and spirit offerings at WSWA events throughout the week.

Dozens of people came to the GoSpotCheck hospitality suite to experience our app through on-premise and off-premise mockups. Rachel Hirshorn, WSWA on-air host, spoke with GoSpotCheck CEO Matt Talbot about the golf simulator at our unconventional suite. Click to 1:55 to see Matt in action.

Below are some pictures from the event!

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GoSpotCheck hospitality suite at WSWA

Off-premise and on-premise mockups.[/caption]

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GoSpotCheck team at WSWA

The GoSpotCheck team![/caption]

Congratulations to Brian Kelley from Charles Jacquin et Cie and Susana Vazquez from Destileria Casa de Piedra for winning two new iPad Pros from GoSpotCheck as part of the WSWA Passport Mission!

WSWA was a great opportunity to meet new folks and sync up with existing customers and strategic industry partners. We can’t wait for next year!

If you have any questions or would like to talk with us further, please email Dan Kasper at dan@gospotcheck.com

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