At GoSpotCheck, we cannot overemphasize that an optimally designed mobile data collection platform should be easy to use.

A well-designed application that organizes actionable data from the field saves you time and eliminates excess work. Of course, this must hold true every step of the way—even at the very beginning, during the on-boarding and software implementation process, which should be streamlined and straightforward, not cumbersome and agonizing.

It’s common to hear all kinds of horror stories about IT program implementations, which can be a painful and excessively time-consuming process. Implementation processes can last weeks, months and sometimes even years. These processes can introduce a range of problems, not the least of which is the difficulty around conducting business-as-usual during this set-up phase. Add complicated data extraction and migration processes, which are often required, and it is no wonder companies tend to be wary of adopting new technologies.

With GoSpotCheck, users do not encounter these hassles during adoption. Most, if not all, users can be up and running with GoSpotCheck in under two weeks. In the case of a top-15 quick service restaurant client, we launched two essential training sessions—one 30-minute session for field team members and one 90-minute session for management leaders—allowing us to parallel process with application installation and staff training simultaneously. To accommodate employee schedules, these key training sessions were carried out via webinars across a variety of time slots and recorded for future reference.

Our simple on-boarding process allowed this client to quickly begin collecting meaningful data—and ‘quickly’ is the critical term here, because implementation should not be a headache. We want our clients to generate value from GoSpotCheck as soon as possible. The sooner a business can effectively structure its field data and enhance its understanding of retail operations, the wiser it will be for it. And GoSpotCheck offers extensive support from the onset of a client relationship, with customer service representatives available around the clock. That way, you can focus on generating intelligence from the beginning instead of wasting valuable time and energy just trying to get started.

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