Consumer Packaged Goods Companies (CPGs) are already fighting with each other for shelf space and placement at retail.

Now that sales of private label products are increasing, there is even more reason to understand the retail landscape and how your brand is defined within it. According to and Accenture, “Innovating early and often” will be the key to competing with privates labels as will “driving execution excellence at point of purchase.

At GoSpotCheck we speak to brands everyday that are taking action now to add technology to their daily operational processes to increase efficiency and understand and improve retail execution.

Enterprise mobile solutions are becoming more common as sales and marketing departments are leveraging them to help in their daily routines and in the fight to win against private labels. According to McKinsey, a CPG brand that uses technology for its field reps (like GoSpotCheck’s technology), was able to “double its shelf space within a single region and increased retailer pricing and promotion compliance.”

As this trend continues all of us at GoSpotCheck will continue to innovate too so that our technology offered is the best on the market, and CPG companies can continue to be competitive in the marketplace.

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