Your beverage store displays have to attract customer attention away from the competition, appeal to the store’s local market, and work within the available space.

Use these seven retail display tips to meet and exceed your performance expectations.

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1. Follow Customer Attention

Position your field reps near the entrances of various stores. Have them monitor where the customers’ eyes go when they first walk into the store. This information helps you determine the best location to set up displays and whether you need to move your current promotions. When you collect this data, pay attention to demographic-specific differences in behavior. For example, catching the attention of someone outside of your core audience is less important than the people who fit your ideal customer profile. You don’t need to get everyone’s attention — you just need to attract the people most likely to become future customers.

2. Optimize Display Case Positioning

If your items are crammed together and disorganized, your brand might convey cheapness. Generally, items that are spaced far apart signify luxury and create a much less busy appearance. Additional shelf spacing and an eye-level location of your beverages will ensure the most visibility.

You also need to put the display case in an optimal position within the store. Learn about the importance of planograms, and see why monitoring a store layout is crucial to your business’ success. If you overlook this step, you will not be able to maximize your displays.

3. Use Clear Messaging

How close do customers need to get to your display before they can see all constructed components clearly? Your displays should be visible and easy to read from at least 10 feet away. The color selection, message positioning, and typography have a big impact on your merchandising. These elements may need alteration to improve readability.

Take some risks and use a bold design approach to stand out and catch your customer’s attention. Erring on the side of caution might not get the results that you’re after. Consumers see countless displays every day. Anything with a generic look blurs together with all the beverage alcohol displays they have already seen.

4. Analyze Lighting

Schedule your field rep store visits at different times of the day and night. You need to know how your displays look in the changing lighting. The average customer should have no problem clearly seeing your display. However, if the store lacks sufficient lighting during certain periods, consider adding light sources directly to your display. Slight adjustments to the graphic design can also make a big difference for visibility.

5. Make Beverage Displays Interactive

Customers are much more likely to engage with a display that encourages interaction. Touch screens and games give shoppers an easy way to engage with your store display. Allowing users to get more information on their phone builds brand awareness, educates them about your product, and increases the time they spend interacting with the display. Ratings, reviews, and coupons are a few other ways to encourage this behavior. Note the beverage alcohol displays that get the most attention from your target customers. If you don’t see much engagement, try switching to a different tactic, such as moving to an interactive game rather than a coupon.

6. Customize Branding

Any display is good, but a carefully branded display is better. You can increase the perceived value of your display and stand out above any competitors that aren’t using this tactic. Even if customers don’t purchase your beverages today, you can make a strong impression on them through branding.

7. Perfect POS Strategy

Complement your store display with eye-catching neckers, case cards, tasting cards, traveler bottles, and promotional material. For example, branded bottle openers, shot glasses, and totes work well as promo items. Potential customers notice these things, even if purchases aren’t directly reflective. The next time they go to the store, your beverage storefront display is going to make more of an impression on this audience. Providing additional marketing material to the consumer will help extend your outreach. Your brand awareness builds up when your target audience takes home promotional items, reads through a branded booklet of mixed drinks, or introduces their friends to your product with a traveler bottle. Beverage displays are an important part of your retail merchandising strategy. Many factors go into whether you have a successful in-store promotion, so it’s important to take every step possible to improve your return on investment.

An effective field team is a critical part of discovering the performance of your storefront displays. The information your foot soldiers gather gives you insight into everything from the best locations to problems with visibility or positioning. Help your field reps to conduct better field surveys to ensure that your beverages stand out above your competitors’.

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