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People, Place + Data Management

Manage data efficiently.

  • Use your custom data sets, terms, & hierarchies out of the box
  • Keep people, locations, & business codes intact
  • Control data security with enterprise-level permissions, integrations, & encryption
  • Protect users & networks with SSO

Manage users.

Manage users efficiently with your own structure: by location, job, team, region, supervisor, and more. Efficiently add unlimited users with CSV uploads. Make bulk changes. Customize roles and permissions to protect data privacy and security and contain reporting by user type.

Define locations.

Add critical location details to aid mobile teams. Provide landmarks for unconventional address types. Get in-app directions via Google Maps or Apple Maps. Find accounts and locations in seconds.

See place history for past history and real-time performance views. Edit location details in-app or with bulk CSV uploads.

Consolidate information.

Group items in catalogs for simple categorization and fast retrieval in the field, including SKUs, UPCs, product names and more. Export catalogs to CSV or XLS files.

Integrate data.

Get a holistic view of your business with seamless data integration with other tools in your tech stack. Gain powerful business insights from integrating in-app data with your CRM, ERP, Salesforce, Tableau, inventory management, brokerage, HR, work order ticket systems, IRI, Nielsen, depletion, and other syndicated data sources.

Use deep linking to deploy mobile workers from a third-party source. Manage in-app place and user information through Salesforce with the Salesforce Synchronization Application.

Use SSO.

Protect your network, team members, customers, and data with our SSO integration. Integrate existing user directory name, email, roles, and permissions in-app. Ensure regular syncing to efficiently manage personnel,  access, and compliance in the field.

I used to walk around and take notes with a notepad, put my notes in another format before distributing them, attach pictures to the notes... and everything else. Now it’s all in just one place.”

John Scheid
ADQ Director of Concept Support Services at Dairy Queen

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How It Works

Design & Distribute Tasks Efficiently

Develop daily checklists to drive compliance on food safety & QA objectives. Choose from 12 task types, including a Bluetooth thermometer temperature task, save time with conditional logic, and attach reference material for context and training in the flow of work.