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Drive the Execution and Efficiency You Know Your Team is Capable Of

Great managers are using GoSpotCheck across the world to empower their teams in the field to perform at their best.

Instantly Deploy Guidance to Field Teams

Rapidly deploy the directives and messages to your team in the field to hit your objectives.

Mission Creation

GoSpotCheck’s Missions are a fast, simple and flexible way to instantly deploy tasks, audits, and surveys to your reps, so you can ensure you’re driving efficient execution in the field.

  • Create Conditional Tasks to capture essential context
  • Receive Alerts when critical insights are collected
  • Flexible publishing ensures the right people, receive the right Mission

React to Real-Time Market Data

Instantly access your field team’s performance and field level visibility in clear dashboards.


The Dashboard provides a real-time elegant view including photos, graphs and aggregated data sets to provide you the nimbleness you need to react to changes in your market.

  • Clean, filterable real-time data sets
  • Easily export and share reports in multiple file formats
  • Quickly deep dive into specific Tasks to examine responses closely
GoSpotCheck gives us real-time information that is dynamic, visual, and can be shared with an infinite number of people. Perry Brown, VP of Business Intelligence & Operations

Feel Like You’re There

Create a real-time dialogue with your team in the field to build instant, constructive coaching.

Photo Album

GoSpotCheck’s photo analytics functionality, called Photo Album, is a powerful, easy-to-use interface to organize photos captured by your team, and provides an essential visual context to other collected data points.

  • Filter photos by multiple variables, such as place, response or user
  • Instantly share one or multiple photos with anyone

Core Capabilities

Mobile Data Collection

Quickly deploy flexible surveys to drive powerful analytics.

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Place Management

A powerful, flexible mobile CRM optimized for use in the field.

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Photo Capture & Analytics

Get greater insights with real-time photos from the marketplace.

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Alerts & Follow Ups

Bring attention and action to critical issues in the field, instantly.

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Content Distribution

Easily share critical content and communications with your team.

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API/Integration Ready

Seamlessly integrate GoSpotCheck with your existing data sources and systems.

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Create the Perfect CPG Survey in 10 Steps

Learn how to create an actionable survey so that you can optimize retail execution and maximize sales. By improving your surveys you can:

  • Empower field teams with clear instructions
  • Incentive appropriately to reach goals
  • Analyze competitors and competitive products
  • Collect real-time, shareable data
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