Drive Execution and Efficiency

Managers use GoSpotCheck globally to empower their field teams.

Instant Field Team Guidance

Deploy tasks to your field team to meet objectives.

Mission Creation

GoSpotCheck’s simple and flexible Missions instantly send audits and surveys to your reps to ensure execution in the field.

  • Conditional tasks capture contextual information
  • Receive alerts when critical insights are collected
  • Flexible publishing ensures the right people receive the correct Mission

Under Armour Improves Bottom Line with Real-Time Data

GoSpotCheck has improved our process of gathering information tremendously. It allows us to gather it quickly, instead of having to filter through how we used to have to filter through every report. We can filter for exactly what we’re looking for, get it timely, and get it to who needs it. Holly Kelleher, 3rd Party and Field Communications Manager at Under Armour

Real-Time Market Data

Instantly access field-level visibility and performance metrics in clear dashboards.


Dashboards provide a real-time view of photos, graphs and aggregated data, giving you agility to react to market changes.

  • Filter clean, real-time data sets
  • Export and share reports in multiple file formats
  • Dive into specific tasks to closely examine responses

Instant Visibility

Photos from the field make it feel like you’re on a ride-along without leaving your desk.

Photo Album

Photo Album, GoSpotCheck’s image analytics tool, has a powerful, easy-to-use interface. Organize photos captured by your team and provide essential visual context to historical data.

  • Filter photos by multiple variables such as place, response, or user
  • Instantly share photos with anyone

Core Features

Mobile Data Collection

Turn time-consuming surveys and audits into instant, actionable information.

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Field-First CRM

Keep up-to-date account information that is accessible on-the-go.

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Photo Capture & Analytics

Get a glimpse into the market. Capture photos to provide powerful context.

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Field Team Management

Provide mobile team management tools for your modern team.

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Content Distribution

Share knowledge within your team. Easily send the right info to the right people.

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Alerts & Follow-Ups

Improve your field execution with automated updates & follow up actions.

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Develop a 30,000-foot view of your business with streamlined charts & graphs.

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API/Integration Ready

Integrate data sources by using our flexible API—designed to play well with others.

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Product Tour

Explore key features of the platform through a self-guided tour.

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GoSpotCheck gives us real-time information that is dynamic, visual, and can be shared with an infinite number of people. Perry Brown, VP of Business Intelligence & Operations
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