The Tools and Information You Need for Maximum Performance

GoSpotCheck’s mobile apps are fast, intuitive, and fully functional offline so you can always get the job done.

Built for Field Efficiency

Collect and report data instantly so you can spend time driving account performance.

Mobile Interface

GoSpotCheck’s quick and simple interface allows you to spend less time reporting and more time on what matters.

  • Available on all Android and iOS devices
  • Functional offline without cell or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Photo capability within the app

Showcase Your Performance

You do great work—make sure everyone knows.

Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard showcases collected data and photos to highlight success and eliminate potential oversights.

  • Data and images are available instantly
  • GPS and time-stamped data to validate authenticity

Keen Improves Team Efficiencies with GoSpotCheck

My team now is doing all their reports in the field. They don’t have Monday where they’re sitting at home typing on a computer, instead they might be making a few phone calls or visiting some more partners. It’s really sped up and made our team much more efficient and a lot happier. Angela Ireton, Field Service Manager at Keen

Progress Tracking

Monitor your team’s performance, goals, and objectives in real time.

Place History

Instantly access contacts, history, photos, and other information for each of your locations.

  • View historic activity at individual locations
  • Quickly access and update contact and account information
  • Easily and instantly share photos and data

Core Features

Mobile Data Collection

Turn time-consuming surveys and audits into instant, actionable information.

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Field-First CRM

Keep up-to-date account information that is accessible on-the-go.

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Photo Capture & Analytics

Get a glimpse into the market. Capture photos to provide powerful context.

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Field Team Management

Provide mobile team management tools for your modern team.

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Content Distribution

Share knowledge within your team. Easily send the right info to the right people.

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Alerts & Follow-Ups

Improve your field execution with automated updates & follow up actions.

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Develop a 30,000-foot view of your business with streamlined charts & graphs.

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API/Integration Ready

Integrate data sources by using our flexible API—designed to play well with others.

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Product Tour

Explore key features of the platform through a self-guided tour.

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I just love this app! The after project paperwork used to be a royal pain sometimes. Being able to add actual photos of locations is great! Barbara Stokes, Representative