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Visibility & Consistency Across the Entire Field

Executives leverage GoSpotCheck to gain broader market visibility, drive alignment across the organization, and set management objectives.

Executive Level Visibility

Operate with the clarity and decisiveness you’ve always wanted to see in your markets.

Advanced Reporting

GoSpotCheck’s Advanced Reporting provides the ability to bring broad reaching and disparate data sets together cleanly, to monitor critical initiatives and evaluate investments in field programs.

  • Handle complex reporting across teams and regions
  • Create flexible visualizations
  • Integrate data from external sources

Organizational Alignment

Establish the aligned vision across your organization to move the needle.


GoSpotCheck provides powerful functionality to form individuals and teams into functional groups, to build alignment across critical efforts, communications and KPIs.

  • Customize groupings of teams and locations
  • Communicate clear objectives and goals
  • Distribute critical files and messaging
GoSpotCheck is an efficient tool to implement nationally and standardize processes across the country. Megan Monti, Manager of Commercial Strategy

Eliminate Long Reporting Cycles

Instantly access the greatest set of market intelligence you've ever had.

Custom Views

Custom Views enable a powerful level of control and flexibility over data collected. With Custom Views, GoSpotCheck Admins have the ability to apply business logic and aggregate field data sets, reducing reporting cycles from weeks down to minutes.

  • Visualize data in real-time
  • Create customizable filtering and logic
  • View trend analysis over time

Core Capabilities

Mobile Data Collection

Quickly deploy flexible surveys to drive powerful analytics.

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Place Management

A powerful, flexible mobile CRM optimized for use in the field.

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Photo Capture & Analytics

Get greater insights with real-time photos from the marketplace.

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Alerts & Follow Ups

Bring attention and action to critical issues in the field, instantly.

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Content Distribution

Easily share critical content and communications with your team.

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API/Integration Ready

Seamlessly integrate GoSpotCheck with your existing data sources and systems.

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Aberdeen Analysts Showcase Real Time Organization Data

Top companies don’t make guesses about what is on their shelves — they use real-time analytics to get the answers. See why leading companies are:

  • Enabling field workers to capture and access data-driven insights via mobile devices
  • Maximizing back-office efficiency through real-time analytics and reporting
  • Improving the customer experience with timely insights
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