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Alerts + Workflows

Spot opportunities and resolve issues.

  • Alert teams to time-sensitive opportunities
  • Optimize & synchronize communication
  • Ensure critical messages are read in the field
  • Quickly spot & resolve issues
  • Ensure corrective action was taken
  • Archive resolution data in third-party systems for compliance

Spot issues.

Get alerts on business threats from the field: out of stocks, damaged products, injuries, food safety breaches, recalls, damaged equipment and facilities, security threats, returns, theft, and more. Send alerts to defined users in-app or via email.

Resolve quickly.

Facilitate fast issue resolution and transparency through in-app tasks and in-email resolution links. Notify relevant parties, track resolution, and aggregate details — including prevalence and location.

Confirm and document resolution with automated recap emails. Integrate resolution documentation with third-party applications to mitigate future risk.

Capture opportunities.

Capture opportunities in real time with your mobile workforce. Use alerts to drive timely action in the field. Communicate time-sensitive information.

Ensure your message is seen. Reduce time spent sending, reviewing, or searching for information about key initiatives. Focus teams on activities that drive revenue.

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