Competitive Intel Mission

Competitive intelligence is critical to understanding key market dynamics. Without competitive analysis, it’s impossible to know where your brand stands. Your Competitive Intelligence Mission in GoSpotCheck serves as a centralized place for information, so that your company can have complete knowledge of the market.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Create a mission and give it a name, based around location or activity, to be displayed to your team.
  2. Under the “Name” field, add descriptive instructions for your team to follow while completing their mission.
  3. After adding instructions, use the “Teams” and “Place Group” fields to ensure that team members are assigned the appropriate Mission at the correct the location.
  4. Determine what information you want to collect from the field– this will dictate what sections and tasks you need. Use our various Task types to build your Mission. For longer missions, use Sections to group related questions together.

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  1. After saving your Mission, you can deploy it to the field immediately by choosing to “Start” your mission, or use Mission Scheduling to release it on a specified day.
  2. Once your team has collected data from the Mission, visit your Dashboard to see the data displayed visually through charts and graphs. Use filters to further analyze collected intel, or set email alerts for when a specific Mission response is completed.

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Do More With Your Missions


Drill down and view specific data points to view the responses based on variables you choose. For example, you can filter by:

  • Place: to display mission responses only in Denver, CO
  • Task: to display if a certain Mission response is marked as “Yes”
  • Date Range: to display Mission responses between the first and the last of the month

Creating & Managing Alerts

Stay in-the-know. If you’d like to be alerted when a new mission response is submitted which matches a saved filter, you can setup email alerts. Once you’ve created an alert, you will receive an email whenever a mission response meets the criteria you’ve set.

Sharing & Exporting

Remember to keep everyone in the loop! Share or export all Mission, User or Place data through PDFs, CSVs, XLS (Excel), a shareable URL, or a zip file.

Copying a Mission

Did you just create the best Mission of your life? Copy a mission to save time otherwise spent starting from scratch.