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See how your company can leverage GoSpotCheck to optimize space in cold box, track tap share, and streamline in-store Out of Stocks.

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How You Can Use GoSpotCheck

GoSpotCheck helps share comprehensive reporting from on- and off-premise locations, including information surrounding case counts and facings, menu presence, and incentive tracking. See below for some actual examples of how your data would appear in our app.

Gain Space in Cold Box

Measure your in-store execution with up-to-the-minute cold box facings and the package integrity of your brands.

Tap Share

Establish your position in the beer industry with real-time data from your on-premise locations regarding tap handles, tap share, beer temperatures, and line cleanings.

Photo Verification

Track sales data on an account level and verify compliance through photos for credible goaling, scoring, and attainment.

3.1 Count the number of facings. equalizer
  • Sum 5660
  • Average 17.7
  • Low 2
  • High 26
3.2 Do all SKUs meet package integrity standards? equalizer
3.3 Does MillerCoors have majority share of Draft? equalizer
3.4 What is the HH price of Miller Lite on Tap? equalizer
  • Average $2.00
  • Low $2.00
  • High $5.75
3.5 Take a photo of the cold box. photo_camera

Features That Can Benefit Your Company

GoSpotCheck’s powerful features help you effectively monitor your execution to drive growth and sales. Our mobile app streamlines processes that allow your sales team to spend more time growing accounts.


Develop a 30,000-foot view of your business with streamlined charts & graphs.

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Photo Capture & Analytics

Get a glimpse into the market. Capture photos to provide powerful context.

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Mobile Data Collection

Turn time-consuming surveys and audits into instant, actionable information.

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We use GoSpotCheck to gain visibility into in-store activity. As our use of the platform grows, we have begun to use data to hold reps accountable. Megan Monti, Manager of Commercial Strategy View Case Study »

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