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Insights You Can Act On

Impact the in-store customer experience with an intuitive mobile platform that delivers clear, real-time views of what is happening across locations.

  • Easily create and deploy surveys and audits to stores
  • Analyze results in real-time with an intuitive dashboard
  • Take action to spot and seize opportunities and spread innovations
  • Identify what's going wrong and what's going right to help save money and drive sales

Be Up and Running in Weeks

Measure the time it takes realize results with GoSpotCheck in weeks - not months or years. A simple implementation that you won't have to find a new budget line for.

  • Salesforce two-way integration
  • SSO enabled
  • External API's for integrating into your technology
  • Stand up without labor from your tech team

Missions Completed

Brands Served

Locations Audited

What do you want to learn about your stores?

How many seasonal off-shelf displays are executed around the perimeter of the store? Of those displays, how many total SKU’s are being merchandised? What is the estimated blended margin of your primary cross-merch display? Which display is adjacent to your secondary seasonal display? Upload 5 photos of your best-executed merchandising. Are all summer seasonal marketing materials installed at the POP?

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