A Simple Solution Built for Reps

GoSpotCheck is used by top healthcare companies to increase rep efficiency, reduce administrative burdens, and review comprehensive reports of field activity.

Demonstrate the Efficacy of Products and Services

Eliminate cumbersome paper forms and legacy systems with mobile data entry. Real-time analytics help manage complicated sales processes, review critical feedback, and demonstrate the efficacy of products and services.

Without the team’s ability to quickly pull together and configure GoSpotCheck… we would have been trying to combine multiple spreadsheets and risk introducing errors. VP Corporate Accounts - Global Healthcare Company


Plan and Distribute Tasks to the Field

Design surveys and audits in GoSpotCheck’s intuitive form builder. Distribute tasks to the right people for visibility into service efficacy, the supply chain, and product performance.

Get Instant Alerts

Create alerts to follow a task response that matches filter criteria, including operating expenditures and pilot projects. Initiate corrective action with custom alerts to immediately resolve issues in the field.

Slice and Dice Execution Results

Monitor key initiatives, identify trends, and track productivity with customizable data sets. Filter reporting to understand performance by region, product, or team.

Sync With Your CRM and Other Systems

Integrate GoSpotCheck with existing systems, including third-party data sources, CRMs, and more. Use deep linking, a flexible API, and SSO to completely control the flow of critical data.

Use Cases

Share comprehensive reporting with stakeholders to transform healthcare vendors into trusted advisors.

Easily Capture Sales Data

Collect feedback and log activity with a mobile app designed for rep efficiency.

Report on Product Success

Quickly aggregate evaluation feedback from physicians with automatic, digestible reporting.

Provide Empirical Feedback on Product Performance

Bring data to the conversation with influencers and decision-makers to support new sales.

3.1 What is the physician's specialty? view_list Choose all that apply.
  • A Cardiology 34.58%
  • B Neurology 18.07%
  • C General/Medicine/Surgery 27.41%
  • D Orthopedics 19.94%
3.2 Record any notes from the visit format_quote
  • Dr. Donahue is the founder and CEO of Orthopedic Surgical Associates. She is a splitter and has significant influence regarding which devices are used in the facility. Her support of Medical Device Co. will be critical. She is open to take meetings with reps every other week on Tuesdays when she is in clinic. Felicity Jones
3.3 Did the physician undergo training? thumbs_up_down
3.4 Are they supportive of the product? view_list If necessary, confer with the store manager to get accurate records.
  • A Supportive 18.18%
  • B Neutral 21.21%
  • C Unsupportive 59.10%
  • D No Answer 1.51%
3.5 Is the physician supportive of the new product? thumbs_up_down
3.6 Note the physician's assessment of overall performance of the device. view_list Choose all that apply.
  • A Much Better 66.52%
  • B Better 17.41%
  • C Worse 8.93%
  • D Much Worse 7.14%

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