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Testimonial: Gerber Gear

In this short video testimonial, Gerber's Channel Sales Manager Brian Petrucci explains the challenges they faced and how GoSpotCheck helped to overcome these challenges.

Gerber: Executing a sales shift to deliver factory direct representation in the field

Implementing change in an industry that is stuck in its ways is never easy. However, that is exactly what Brian Petrucci, Gerber Channel Sales Manager, was tasked with.

Outdoor industry brands have almost exclusively used rep groups to carry their message to retailers and end-users. Petrucci was brought on to bring the Gerber field team in house. This came with a unique set of challenges ranging from relying on a small team to cover large territories to ensuring customer compliance and brand standards in the field. Moreover, demonstrating the new field team’s successes, both internally and to the industry as a whole, proved a significant obstacle.

Enter GoSpotCheck: Helping Gerber to provide valuable data to all divisions of the company

Gerber launched with GoSpotCheck to measure sales results in real time so that the corporation could see the advantage of having a dedicated field team.

Having a tool that provides live feedback to show the team’s successes and worth, while simultaneously providing valuable data to adapt to market needs, has been a huge benefit to Gerber. They use this data to increase sales at key accounts. Petrucci also uses GoSpotCheck to set goals for his team and to initiate monthly contests and stretch goals to help move their activity tracker for more account calls.

Whether it’s the reduction of travel expenses for market research, the visual dashboard, geographic market data or the remote management of field personnel—GoSpotCheck helps drive ROI for Gerber.

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