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We’re Proud to be Voted the Best Place to Work in Denver!

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Structure Real-Time Data By Location Via GPS

Any location that your team visits, whether it is a company-owned location, a retail partner or even a competitor’s location, can be loaded into GoSpotCheck. You simply give us a list of locations in whatever format is convenient and our mobile data collection app scrubs that data and assigns GPS coordinates.

Because GoSpotCheck is location-based software, your reps will simply open up the mobile data collection app and see all assigned missions based on their GPS coordinates. You can now ensure that your reps will complete the correct missions at the correct locations.

All data that you get back from your team will be explicitly tied to a location, allowing you to spot trends and understand how different locations are performing over time. Even if locations aren’t critical to your business or you don’t have a list, GoSpotCheck supports “Anywhere” real-time data reporting, or your reps can add a location on the fly.

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