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Streamlined charts and graphs provide a bird’s-eye view of your business and allow you to drill down into the details.


Quickly view all field activities through the real-time GoSpotCheck dashboard or filter down to specific tasks, users, and accounts. Easily share photos and Mission responses with retailers, distributors, and anyone else you would like.

Custom Views

Custom Views enable you to aggregate large data sets from multiple Missions in a table format. Apply logic to understand user attainment, shelf share, incentive tracking, and more. Review collected data at a market level, chain level, in a certain channel, or drill down to a specific retailer.

Advanced Reporting

GoSpotCheck’s Advanced Reporting is an embedded BI tool that aggregates diverse field data for you to visualize in the form of graphs, charts, and maps.

Apply complex business rules and integrate external data sources to get a holistic view of sales data, depletion data, and more.

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