Photo Capture & Analytics

Capture photos to provide powerful context and get a glimpse into the market.

Photo Tasks

Add a photo task to your Mission for improved clarity into the field. Organize each picture by related task to group photos cleanly and sensibly. You can view individual pictures or download photos in a zip file for offline analysis.

We use GoSpotCheck as a photo repository for all locations. If we need to see what a specific floor looks like, then we have that information available. With our previous system, there was no way we could house that many photos. Christine Nyman-Maffei, Sr. Operations Manager, MC Organization Get the Case Study »


Visualize field activity through neatly organized pictures and graphs in a centralized dashboard. Leverage photos that are tagged with time and location information to identify out-of-stocks, collect competitive intelligence, and supplement quantitative data.

Photo Album

See all captured photos cleanly displayed in one place. Organize pictures by using filterable analytics—such as date, location, and other tagged criteria—overlaid on top of each image. Set alerts to notify certain users when specific images are collected and submitted.


Share captured photos directly from your mobile device to any admin account.


All photos collected with GoSpotCheck are automatically time-stamped and GPS-verified to confirm field activity.

Live Photos

Require live photos to ensure real-time data collection.

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