Field Team Management

Empower your team to do great work. GoSpotCheck provides mobile team management tools for the modern team.

Manage Teams

Make a team by grouping users that share common characteristics, such as user location, job function, or any other specification. Create as many teams as you need and add an unlimited number of people to each team. Users can be on multiple teams simultaneously.

User & Team Reporting

View data organized by team or single user in the GoSpotCheck dashboard. Report at a team level, or review a specific individual’s performance to examine productivity and efficiency.

User Management

Save time and easily manage your GoSpotCheck users by utilizing our API or uploading a CSV file to make bulk changes.

Multiple Company Memberships

Users that work with more than one company can easily utilize GoSpotCheck on behalf of multiple organizations. Shift between desired companies using a simple sidebar menu.

I can see what stores are visited, the time between the previous visit, and the length of time our team spends in each store. I have everything at my fingertips to bring clarity to the whole chain. Samantha Rice, Director of Retail Operations Get the Case Study »

Single Sign On (SSO)

GoSpotCheck’s SSO feature increases efficiency by integrating GoSpotCheck with a company’s existing user directory service by working with Active Directory. SSO syncs with a company’s directory to manage user properties including name, email, roles, permissions, and other important characteristics. Regular syncing streamlines the flow of information from one system to another.

Roles & Permissions

Roles and permissions optimize sharing capabilities by displaying data to a designated audience. Customize what a user can see in the GoSpotCheck dashboard with role-based access. Use permissions to easily share specific information with the correct people inside or outside of your organization.

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