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Designed to play well with others. A flexible API makes for a flexible business.

It’s your data — you should have it when, where, and how you want it.

As an increasing number of companies adopt Cloud services, seamlessly integrating with APIs has become incredibly important. The GoSpotCheck API provides multiple, flexible data formats to consume data from a variety of programming languages and applications.

Our API has the ability to integrate data from third parties and systems such as Salesforce or other popular applications. GoSpotCheck provides an industry leading API and integration ecosystem to meet the demands of enterprise field teams worldwide.

API Documentation
GoSpotCheck is a great fit for our needs for a number of reasons, but I would also say that the low impact of the app’s technology on our current systems is a huge benefit. Richard Holscher, Director of Strategic Insights Read the Testimonial »

Deep Linking

Deep linking increases efficiency and reduces confusion by sending a user directly to a specific place in the GoSpotCheck application from a third-party or source application. For example, deep linking allows a user to move seamlessly from the Salesforce mobile application to the GoSpotCheck application on the same device.

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