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June 18 - June 20, 2018 • New York

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If you’re planning on being at this year’s 15th annual summit in New York and want to learn how GoSpotCheck can help your business, request a meeting below or stop by our table located outside of where the general sessions are hosted.


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  • Discover why your business needs to implement a real-time strategy
  • Find out how you can track reps and in-store execution
  • Learn how industry leaders are leveraging GoSpotCheck
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GoSpotCheck enables us as an organization to spend less time collecting information about how we're executing and spending more time thinking about how to drive the business.— Jim Holland • Director of Sales Capability

About GoSpotCheck

Leaders in the consumers goods industry are driving increased sales through store-level visibility and intelligence powered by GoSpotCheck’s field software. GoSpotCheck empowers real-time price tracking, competitive intelligence, and photo-evidence of displays.

With GoSpotCheck’s intuitive mobile app, you can track key execution metrics like pricing, share of shelf, and display placements via smartphones and tablets.

Meet the Team

Matt Talbot

CEO & Co-Founder

Cory Knopp

Director of Sales

Dylan Schmer

Enterprise Sales Manager

Dan Kasper

Senior Brand Director

GoSpotCheck is a huge accountability tool—to run a nationwide program, you can't be in each market every day with the people that are working on those teams. It's nice to have a general record of where people have been and what they have accomplished—just to make sure things are done according to plan.— Katie Noel • Field Activation Director

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GoSpotCheck has improved our process of gathering information tremedously. It allows us to gather data quickly. We can filter to exactly what we're looking for, get it in a timely manner, and get the data to whoever needs it.— Holly Kelleher • Field Communications Manager