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Collect Field Data Simply and Efficiently

Turn time-consuming surveys & audits into instant, actionable information.


Missions are the core of the GoSpotCheck solution and connect People, Places, and Tasks to ensure you are getting the information you need from the field, and you are providing the field with clear directions to complete their roles.

Mission Versioning

Seamlessly modify a live Mission without any interruption to its availability in the field.


Tasks represent individual questions within a Mission and can be used in an unlimited number of configurations to collect data in the format you need. Eleven flexible Task types allow you to collect the right data every time.

Conditional Tasks

Conditional Tasks require a follow-up answer from a user to a specific Task response. Conditional Tasks enable you to collect the maximum amount of information, in the most efficient way.

Photo Tasks are commonly used Conditional Tasks to add visual verification to a Task responses.

Photo Capturing

Photos are a powerful, efficient way to gather qualitative information. By associating each picture with a user, location, and task, you can quickly sift through thousands of photos to see exactly what you need.


Skip the spreadsheets. Visualize what’s going on in the field through clearly organized pictures and graphs in a centralized dashboard. Sharing is easy with exported reports via PDF, CSV, XLSX, and batch photo exports.

Time Stamp & GPS Tagging

Organize data with time-stamped and GPS-verified information. All data is explicitly tied to a time and location, allowing you to spot trends and understand how different locations are performing.

Offline Capabilities

The GoSpotCheck mobile app works offline to enable Mission completion even in areas with poor Wi-Fi or cellular service.

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