Customer Advisory Council News

Thank you for your participation in the CAC community to help shape the future of field execution and the GoSpotCheck platform. Your insights have already influenced our product direction and, therefore, how countless deskless workers will do their jobs. We look forward to what we will learn from you in 2019 and beyond.

What We Accomplished in 2018

With your help, we launched the GoSpotCheck Customer Advisory Council (CAC) in 2018, and what a successful first year it has been! The vision for our inaugural CAC was to capture insights and inform the next stages of growth for our products and the company. This year we convened as a group three times - twice in person - to promote the kind of sharing and collaboration that makes us grateful to have such strong and innovative council members with which to partner. We shared our most strategic initiatives and collaborated with you all to define how to implement them effectively. We have some big things planned for 2019 and we’re excited to continue our partnership with you in GoSpotCheck’s Customer Advisory Council.

What’s Coming in 2019

In 2019 we’re going to focus our efforts on two in-person sessions with a short virtual update mid-year. The in-person sessions will be in Q1 and Q3 and we encourage you to attend both!

  • Q1: CAC at the GoSpotCheck Office in Denver — We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting you in Denver. To help you get here, we’ll pick up the tab for your lodging, transportation to and from the airport, and meals during the day of the event. All you have to do is get to Denver! Dates and details coming soon.
  • Q3: CAC at the Field Days Conference in Denver — Just like in 2018, we’ll be positioning our Q3 CAC in-person meeting in conjunction with our annual Field Days event. And once again, we’ll be hosting your stay in Denver! Dates and details coming soon.

2019 will also be the beginning of collaboration between our Product team and your administrators and/or users of GoSpotCheck. Using the contact information you shared in the CAC Participant Consent Form, we will facilitate discovery between our Product team and your designated managers, administrators, and users throughout the year.

A Q3 Product Lookback From Jessica Sherlock

During our CAC meeting in September, we held roundtable discussions with our Product Team on various features we were considering for development. Your input and feedback was invaluable! Here are some of the most useful takeaways we’ve been able to translate into the Product Design and Development since we met.

Timebound Missions

The ability to configure missions to be available/due on specific days at specific times, potentially on a recurring schedule. We held an open-ended discussion about missions where customers have wished this type of feature was available, how it would work, and what the rep experience might need to be.

  • We learned more about the process by which admins have been manually starting/stopping missions on certain times or days so that the missions are only available during desired windows. This will no longer be a manual process when we release this feature in 2019.
  • We confirmed that reps want to quickly see which missions need to be done today versus which ones they don't need to do again until next week, month, etc. While we were planning this feature for Q4 2018, your feedback helped uncover some additional considerations that we needed to take into account. Look for updates in 2019.

Content & InfoURLs

The ability to upload reference content that can be delivered to the mobile app at the right time. We discussed what is and isn’t working in the current feature set and how many pieces of content would be needed, how often they are updated, and whether offline functionality is needed.

  • We learned more about how our customers want to deliver content to their reps. Specifically that customer admins need the ability to attach one or more videos, pdfs, external links, images, text files, and/or PowerPoint presentations to a single mission or place on a weekly to quarterly basis. Offline functionality is important as is ensuring the rep always has the latest version of the content (e.g. pricing sheets that are updated periodically). While we were planning this feature for Q4 2018, your feedback helped uncover some additional considerations that we needed to take into account. Look for updates in 2019.

Searchable List & Barcode

The ability for reps to see a list of items/products, make selections by search or barcode scan, and quickly answer related subtasks in a grid view. Each participant discussed and prioritized their own list of feature enhancements we were considering related to this feature set.

  • We debunked the value hypothesis around adding and editing catalog items from the mobile app, so this has been moved out of the backlog for now.
  • We better understood the value and goals of filtering items based on item properties, and have taken steps since the CAC to improve our architecture with the goal of developing that feature in 2019.
  • We were able to prioritize a couple of quick wins based on highest value to the most customers and knock those out in Q4. Those were: sorting on incomplete subtasks, showing item counts in a catalog, and allowing users to select all items.

HiFi | On Device Rep Reporting

The ability for reps to view the store share of an account after all images have been automatically tagged for a visit. Our objective for the round table was to validate we had the right share metrics, learn more about how reps are incentivized, and gather guidance on how target share goals could manifest in the HiFi app.

  • We confirmed share breakdowns by supplier, brand family, and category/class were the most impactful to the rep.
  • We learned speed is key. To significantly improve a reps’ effectiveness, we need to present share information in under 5 minutes. Ideally, much faster.
  • We identified the need to include out of stock, or empty facings, in the share reporting would dramatically improve the value to the reps.
  • We determined leading off with target share reporting would be impactful for independent stores and a great start. Also, we determined planogram compliance would be a huge win for chain stores.

Product Marketing in 2019 From Brandon McLaughlin

During Field Days this year, Jessica Sherlock, our Director of Product Management, shared a comprehensive rundown of the features and enhancements GoSpotCheck had shipped year to date. When she was finished, she posed a simple question to the room; “How many of you had heard about 100% of the features/enhancements I just shared?”

Crickets. Not a single hand in the air.

“How about 75%?”

A few hands went up.


A few more.


Finally! But, wow...We had a feeling we needed to do a better job of keeping our customers informed about the progress our platform is making, but based on this informal poll, boy did we have our work cut out for us.

That’s where I come in. Starting on January 1st, I’ll be moving to a role in Product Marketing where I’ll be responsible for improving awareness of the amazing work being done across the GoSpotCheck and HiFi platforms. But more importantly, I’ll be helping our customers understand just how this work translates into measurable improvement for their businesses.

What this means for you in 2019 is that you will notice a new intentionality and focus around our our Go-To-Market strategy and collateral. It also means that we’ll be doubling down on customer validation and testing in 2019 to ensure that our product continues to deliver value and meet expectations for your business and team (which is where you come in). More to come next year!

We’ve got a long ways to go, but it’s my goal that, by Field Days 2019 next fall, when we pose the same question to the attendees, we’ll see major increases in the number of hands in the air across the board.

Call to Action

Your feedback is valuable! This quarter, we’d like to get your feedback on two things:

  • The ROI you experience using GoSpotCheck. We’re building a survey to send out to our customers, but we’d like your feedback to these questions first! Your responses will help inform our approach to gathering ROI feedback.
  • To wrap up the year, we’d also like your honest feedback on your experience with the CAC in 2018.

We’ve combined these two topics into one mission for you to complete as the interactive component of our 2018 CAC Wrap Up.

To complete the Q4-18 ROI and CAC Wrap Up Mission, login to the GoSpotCheck mobile app. (Don’t have the app? No problem, you can follow these instructions to download the app to your device.) Once you’ve logged in, make sure you’re logged into the “Customer Advisory Council 2018” company (for login instructions, click here). To do so, tap the menu button in the upper-left corner of the app (the three white bars), then select the “Customer Advisory Council 2018” from the list and ensure that the white check mark is next to the company you chose. From there, you’ll click the menu bar again (the three white bars), scroll down, and select “Anywhere Missions.” Once you’ve chosen to complete an Anywhere Mission, you’ll see the “Q4-18 ROI and CAC Wrap Up” in your list of available missions. Select the mission and select Start Mission. Once you’ve shared your answers and completed the mission, you can select Submit and you’re done!

Thank you so much!