Mobile Data Technology’s Rewarding Impact on Company Culture

Jul 28, 2014 in Our Products

A sophisticated mobile data collection platform that powers dynamic data aggregation can simplify analysis and business decisions like never before. Implementing a rich media enhanced tool comes with many advantages. The positive impact on company culture is one advantage that is often overlooked.

With the right tool, field teams reap the benefits of timesaving data collection methods and easy reporting solutions. Instead of viewing data collection as a chore, field teams often respond with increased motivation and utilization when they are handed a mobile data collection tool that is easy and enjoyable to use. When leading healthy food and beverage innovator Dannon first implemented GoSpotCheck, the company held a two-month long contest for field representatives. Account visits and completed report volume shot up significantly, and this was by no means a temporary surge. Field team representatives wholeheartedly embraced the mobile data technology’s easy-to-use, efficient features, and this instilled a permanent motivating force behind utilization going forward.

Streamlined features of GoSpotCheck allow for more productivity across the board, so that representatives can accomplish missions with much greater speed, complete an increased number of account visits and report competitive intelligence in real time. Of course, these aforementioned benefits allow companies to make smarter strategic decisions, and so it is clear that increased motivation and deeper satisfaction on the field team level has a positive impact on the management level as well.

While management and field team leaders use GoSpotCheck to aggregate and analyze data, the platform is an efficiency tool, not a monitoring one meant to establish a system of checks and balances on employees. Our tool was not developed as a system of surveillance. Instead, GoSpotCheck is here to improve and simplify the way companies collect data by empowering field teams.

Company morale is significantly boosted when field representatives are equipped with a mobile data collection platform that makes them more productive. Combined with smarter business decisions that result from implementation of the right mobile data collection tool, a positive affect on company culture typically follows. It’s truly a win-win.