GoSpotCheck’s Three Pillars of Customer Service

Feb 5, 2014 in Community Support, Startups

There are millions of startup companies across the world, each with their own DNA and company principles. Despite these differences, there’s one crucial thing that all startups have in common. In fact, their success depends on it.

Customer service—and the loyalty that is established as a result of first-class customer service—can be the difference between a startup’s success and failure. So, how can a startup create customer loyalty, increase repeat business and earn word-of-mouth referrals?

At GoSpotCheck, we believe in three pillars of customer service:

  1. All clients are created equal.
  2. Make no assumptions.
  3. Over-deliver.

Each client, regardless of size or contract value, deserves great service. We strive to ensure that each client feels like GoSpotCheck’s priority. This requires significant investment on our end to build a support team that is always available for questions big and small, day or night. We don’t have support hours or office hours, and our international clients know that they can reach our support team no matter what time it is in Denver, our hometown. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro at using GoSpotCheck’s application, you will receive the same level of dedicated and customized support.

At the request of a client, an international outdoor manufacturer, we make ourselves available for support before and during each field team account visit, arming field reps with the necessary data and analytics to increase order volume and sales. A leading family-owned wine vineyard has over 100 reps in the field at once, and we make it our mission to answer each and every call and email within one hour to resolve any issues. We hold ourselves to high standards, delivering superior service to each and every client. The result? Loyalty, growing contract values and inbound leads. We have had reps that are wowed by our service leave a company for another job and urge their new employer to hire us.

Our clients turn to GoSpotCheck for mobile data collection solutions, and during the on-boarding process, they patiently teach us about their operations, data and field rep duties. We in turn vow to treat them with the same respect. We make no assumptions about their technology skills, and we aim to identify each client’s comfort and fluency with technology before moving forward with, for example, a large-scale training seminar or even a simple ad hoc customer service phone call. Assumptions alienate and disenfranchise clients. We want to empower them.

We believe that our strong, longstanding client relationship with an international quick service restaurant company is due to our tireless efforts to help this business automate and simplify their data collection measures. This has often been a detailed process of going line-by-line and data point by data point with people across this large organization. Stripping away any preconceived notions of client technology fluency and know-how has been essential to building trust and implementing the appropriate data collection solutions.

The last pillar of customer service that we subscribe to is the theory of exceeding expectations and delivering, not just added value, but unanticipated value. This is what over-delivering means to us. A client will hire you because they want or need your product or service, but they will not be able to leave you if you give them something they learn they cannot live without.

Our support team knows that training clients on application utilization is just a starting point. Unlocking superior value that has substantial implications for the client’s bottom-line is the goal. GoSpotCheck helps one health and beauty company track in-store inventory levels often better than the company’s retail partners can. So, when a retailer does not think product replenishment is necessary, our support team shows the client how to point to the data and prove the case.

The ways in which we uphold our three service pillars at GoSpotCheck may not be right for every startup, but the founding principles should resonate. Customer loyalty is earned, and loyalty is the lifeline of any business.