Tech Watch: Mobile Data Collection Predictions for 2014

Jan 8, 2014 in Mobile, Retail

Over the past year, we have witnessed brands turning to smartphones more and more to implement mobile data collection. Now that 2014 is underway, we are excited to look ahead and survey the future of the mobile technology landscape. Forecasting the future is never easy, but these three trends are all but foregone conclusions:

  1. More businesses will turn to iPhone or Android as Blackberry continues to flounder.
  2. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) will become the norm, as the company-issued phone will become a thing of the past.
  3. Tablet use will continue to rise and many businesses will replace laptops with this more versatile mobile option.

Beyond these easy predictions, here are three big trends we anticipate for 2014 based on the further proliferation of mobile…

In-store shopping experiences will become further integrated with the web

J.C.  Penney, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys New York and Target have incorporated free WiFi and other mobile technologies into their physical stores, and customers are not the only ones reaping the benefits. Look at Target, for example. When customers enter the store, they are prompted to sign on to Target’s WiFi network. The network not only opens shoppers up to exclusive deals, but it also allows Target to analyze what customers are looking at on the web and how they are using their smartphones while they shop. Are they looking at price comparison websites? Maybe they’re viewing costumer reviews of specific products? No matter what they’re looking at, free in-store WiFi generates great consumer insights for the company, and we are sure to see an increase in the number of brands embracing this mobile trend and the data intelligence that comes with it.

Digital marketing will become more deeply embedded in mobile

New technology such as Apple’s new iBeacon, which was rolled out last month and provides position-specific in-store marketing alerts to customers, is a great example. iBeacon sends messages to shoppers about products, opportunities (say, to upgrade their phone as an example) and other information, tailored to where they are in the store. We expect 2014 to usher in even more real-time mobile marketing solutions. Major League Baseball, for instance, has already talked about using a similar strategy to improve and customize fans’ ballpark experiences, sending them coupons to souvenir kiosks or offering other revenue-generating incentives.

Customer personalization will rule the day

The intelligence generated by optimized data collection and omnichannel retailing will mean a rise in advanced marketing opportunities for consumer targeting in 2014. New directions in personalization will have profound repercussions, helping customers access what they are looking for faster and consider other purchases based on lifestyle, purchase history and other details that retailers will leverage in-store and online using mobile technology. This trend dovetails nicely with the previous one discussed, as you can likely imagine how Apple may use iBeacon for these purposes. You can bet that we will see a spike in tools and customer service strategies that unlock the power of this type of customer personalization to boost sales.

2014 is sure to be an exhilarating year, and here at GoSpotCheck, we are excited to see what smart mobile data collection can do for businesses across a myriad of industries.