Take-Charge Field Teams Enhance Retail Execution Video.

Video: How to Improve Retail Execution via a Take-Charge Field Team

by GoSpotCheck on May 26, 2015 in CPG, Mobile, Retail

When your field team acts like brand advocates and insightful strategists, you open up new retail execution opportunities for your company. But how can you transform your reps from passive and reactive observers to proactive and highly-driven contributors? Check out this video to learn how to nurture a take-charge field team that can drive more value for […]

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Planogram Retail Execution

Enhance Your Planograms with GoSpotCheck

by Samantha Holloway on May 22, 2015 in CPG, Our Products, QSR, Retail

An important component of retail execution is distribution of in-store information from store personnel to company headquarters. Planograms function as an easily-shared store map, used to monitor product selection, stock and shelf displays. Mobile data collection software, like GoSpotCheck, can help implement planogram strategy by maximizing the insights gathered from real-time data. To fully understand how GoSpotCheck can improve your planograms, […]

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Retail execution makes you stand out

Using Retail Execution to Stand Out From the Masses

by Joey Alfano on May 20, 2015 in Mobile

Improving sales is a common goal within the retail industry—complicated by an abundance of challenges. Shelves are cluttered and over populated with products; inventory levels are unstable, and events like product launches are poorly executed. Sales suffer because products are getting lost on shelves, so consumers can’t easily find desired products. As a result, brands […]

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Real time data aids inter-departmental collaboration

Real-Time Data Equals Real Collaboration

by David Lott on May 19, 2015 in Mobile, Retail

Field teams rely on real-time data to power mobile retail execution strategies, and they aren’t alone. Groups and departments across a company are affected by the intelligence gathered in the field. As such, data must be easily accessible to everyone in an organization and reflect what’s happening at the current moment. Outdated data, or data […]

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GPS technology is helping brands improve their retail execution. This infographic shows how.

Infographic: The Power of GPS in Retail Execution and Beyond

by GoSpotCheck on May 18, 2015 in Mobile, Retail

The Global Positioning System (GPS) has been a game-changer for personal mobile devices. Today, smartphone and tablet users rely on GPS-enabled apps for everything from navigation and directions to personal health and fitness. GPS-enabled mobile applications like GoSpotCheck, have become critical to some of the most successful retail companies in the world. These brands rely on field […]

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Battery Usage with an Android

by GoSpotCheck on May 15, 2015 in Customer Success

GoSpotCheck software is used across a variety of platforms. Our customer success team put together tips to save and maximize battery life on your Android device. Please note that all Android devices are configured differently, so your device may use slightly different titles for sections or may look slightly different than the following photos.

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