Spreadsheets Are Killing Your Business

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The Big Picture: How Mobile Data Collection Reduces Waste

by Matt Talbot on Oct 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to reduce waste and boost the productivity of organizational operations. Implementing a streamlined mobile data collection application is an extremely powerful way to realize this goal of greater efficiency, across the board. For starters, take the amount of time saved thanks to mobile data collection solutions. Quite […]

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Infographic: Enterprise Mobile By The Numbers

by GoSpotCheck on Sep 29, 2014 in Enterprise, Mobile

The use of mobile in the workplace is here to stay. Companies big and small, across industries and all around the world, are leveraging and relying on mobile devices and applications. Improved connectivity, cost savings and efficiency are just a few of the benefits of enterprise mobile adoption. The enterprise mobile data that we pulled […]

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Back to School Mobile Shopping & Retail Data

by Dan Kasper on Sep 18, 2014 in CPG, Mobile, Retail

The back to school shopping season is one of the busiest of the year—second only to the winter holiday period. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), demand is up in 2014 with combined spending for back to school and college anticipated to hit $74.9 billion. Indeed, the NRF has been tracking a range of back […]

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GPS Tagging is Not for Spying

GoSpotCheck’s GPS Location-Based Philosophy

by Joey Alfano on Aug 22, 2014 in Our Products

The optimal mobile data collection application is all about empowering workforces with streamlined, easy-to-use software that enables decisive analysis and actionable insights. For one, such software frees field teams and managers from unwieldy spreadsheets. Additionally, a well-designed mobile data collection tool uses GPS to empower users to structure data by location but not for spying […]

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GoSpotCheck provides ultimate flexibility to users

Advancing Employee Technology via Flexibility

by Joey Alfano on Aug 12, 2014 in Our Products

We’ve explored it from many angles and can’t emphasize the concept enough—Flexibility is a key attribute of a well-designed mobile data collection application. Ease of use, multiple device functionality, and the ability to segment data on the backend are all essential features of an application that leverages data and drives critical insights.

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Why Companies Choose GoSpotCheck

Why Companies Choose GoSpotCheck

by Samantha Holloway on Jul 24, 2014 in Our Products

As Richard Holscher, Director of Strategic Insights at Delicato Family Vineyards attests, “the GoSpotCheck mobile application has enhanced our ability to understand business performance like never before.” Leading companies across a range of industries such as food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, and hospitality are choosing GoSpotCheck’s streamlined application. Based on what our customers tell […]

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Racktime Interview with GoSpotCheck

Interview Series: Racktime Uses GoSpotCheck to Provide Clients with Real-Time Marketing Insights

by David Lott on Jul 14, 2014 in Interview Series

Racktime is a leading field care company based in Holland. They provide their clients with marketing logistics, field marketing, field service and more. They rely on real-time mobile data collection from GoSpotCheck to provide actionable insights to their clients in a timely fashion. Field Marketing Project Manager, Harmen Korfage, took some time to tell us […]

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Getting Started: The Importance of Easy Software Implementation

by David Lott on Jul 2, 2014 in Community Support, Our Products

At GoSpotCheck, we cannot overemphasize that an optimally designed mobile data collection platform should be easy to use. A well-designed application that organizes actionable data from the field saves you time and eliminates excess work. Of course, this must hold true every step of the way—even at the very beginning, during the on-boarding and software […]

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