Collecting Mobile Data Grows Startups

Accelerating Growth: Startup Culture and Data Collection

by Matt Talbot on Feb 26, 2015 in Retail, Startups

Startups know that growth is essential—growth into a viable, sustainable enterprise guided by quick-thinking decision makers who aren’t afraid to innovate and pivot when necessary. This core competency—the ability to successfully and rapidly evolve—hinges on the effective use of data. Data and statistics are used to analyze market size, forecast revenue projections, and develop customer […]

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Manage Retailer Compliance Using Mobile Data Collection

Optimized: Using Mobile Data Collection to Manage Retailer Compliance

by Joey Alfano on Feb 12, 2015 in Enterprise, Retail

In today’s highly competitive, fast-moving consumer goods industry, it is absolutely essential that company leaders have direct insight into the retail locations that carry their products. Ensuring proper retail execution of marketing strategies and merchandising tactics is a crucial step in rising above the competition. The right mobile data collection application can help you do […]

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2015 Mobile Predictions

Data Collection Predictions for 2015

by Dan Kasper on Feb 2, 2015 in CPG, Enterprise, Mobile, Retail

In 2014, a robust proliferation of brands and organizations anchored their strategies in efficient data collection and analysis to rise above the competition. This year, we will undergo even greater advancements, encouraging this movement to flourish at untold levels. So without further ado, we present our data collection predictions for 2015. Enterprise mobile use will […]

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Mobile data collection has helped 4moms to improve retail execution. 4moms empowers their Brand Ambassadors via GoSpotCheck.

Interview Series: How 4moms Uses Mobile Data Collection from GoSpotCheck to Improve Retail Execution

by David Lott on Jan 27, 2015 in Enterprise, Interview Series, Mobile, Our Products, Retail

4moms is an innovative company redefining the baby gear industry using advanced robotics. In addition, 4moms is committed to building a great company by hiring passionate people and treating them as their most important assets. With those guiding principles in mind, this fast-growing company has embraced GoSpotCheck’s mobile data collection solution to empower their Brand […]

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Relationship Between TV Programming and Data

From Tube to Tablet: Data Collection and TV Programming

by Matt Talbot on Jan 9, 2015 in Enterprise

Data collection plays a central role in the business of television programming. For starters, take the Nielsen ratings—the seminal audience measurement system. Nielsen tracks more than 40 percent of the world’s viewing habits across hundreds of channels that beam into millions of homes every day. Networks leverage the data collected by Nielsen to guide key […]

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North Florida Sales uses GoSpotCheck to empower salespeople to track retail execution at all accounts, providing actionable insights back to the home office.

Interview Series: North Florida Sales Discusses Enhanced Alcohol Beverage Retail Execution via GoSpotCheck

by David Lott on Dec 17, 2014 in Interview Series

North Florida Sales (NFS) is an alcohol beverage distributor based out of the Sunshine State. As a local sales and service leader distributing Anheuser-Busch products and other brands, they rely heavily on outside salespeople to execute tasks at the account level. NFS Sales Execution Coordinator, Jeff Bird, took some time to tell us how they […]

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