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Sales reps, merchandisers and field reps have a number of time-consuming, tedious ways to collect data and report back to management while in market. Whether it’s spreadsheets, paper forms or emailed photos, this collected data is equally difficult for management to analyze.

GoSpotCheck streamlines the data collection process by saving reps time in the field and giving management a powerful, easy-to-digest reporting dashboard. Our customers, ranging from startups to Fortune 50 market leaders, use GoSpotCheck’s mobile data collection every day to get actionable insights from their data and improve retail execution.

Photo of 3 GoSpotCheck founders

Joey Alfano | CPO

Joey leads the GoSpotCheck product team. His background is in global IT consulting, ERP and big data. He holds an undergraduate degree from Bucknell University and an International MBA from the University of Denver.

Samantha Holloway | CSO

Sam oversees sales, marketing and customer success for the company. A University of Michigan alum, she is a former retail entrepreneur, with graduate degrees in business and psychology from the University of Denver.

Matt Talbot | CEO

Matt focuses on shaping the company strategy, financing and building the team. Before he helped start GoSpotCheck, he worked in corporate finance at Johnson & Johnson and is an alum of Bucknell University.

Our Team

We are data hounds, number crunchers, process engineers, relationship builders and storytellers. Collectively, we solve problems for Fortune 50 companies, start-ups and everyone in between.

Our Company

We believe that work should be fulfilling, challenging and, most importantly, fun. We do things our own way, which means encouraging risk-taking and learning on the job. We think this enables the best work environment for productivity and long-term success.

Our Tenets

  1. Quality in
    everything we do
  2. Be
  3. Have fun, stay sane, take care
  4. Be

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